Fresh Eyes on Gibsons

This report represents six weeks of intensive analysis, brainstorming, synthesizing, and form-making. However, it is only a start. While many of the issues and ideas presented are already familiar to many Gibson's locals, they have not been illustrated until now. Thus, the research, building blocks, and alternate visions contained herein are intended as a source for continued dialogue and debate among Gibson's citizens and public officials. It is hoped that the research and images contained in this document will provide the seeds for further investigation and exploration, and a means for envisioning what the Town and its environs could one day become.

Part One, Community Analysis, provides a basic understanding of Gibsons by means of a fairly typical empirical analysis of past and existing site conditions (i.e., social and physical history, building typology and heritage, biophysical features, infrastructure, economic development, and policy). For this section, students were also required to ask: Does what you have found have physical consequences for the future of Gibsons?
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