ubc urban studio 2010
getting to minus 80. the vancouver streetcar city. 2050 and beyond






DESCRIPTION/ The course will consider the design and retrofit of communities for sustainability, with a special emphasis on greenhouse gas (GHG) production as it relates to community and regional design

COURSE STRUCTURE/ This course is organized around seven rules for sustainability as contained in my book, The Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities: Design Strategies for a Low Carbon Future.

EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES/ By the end of this course students will:

1. Understand a way of thinking of the various systems that make up a sustainable community, and how they work together.

2. Work in seminar sessions with other students interactively to debate these issues and assive at alternative models, and/or ways of re-enforcing this model.

3. Integrate the most basic elements of the theories presented, and the facts on the ground that support these theories.

4. Apply these strategies to a case study site.

5. Know how to write coherently on the broad issue of sustainable community design.

EVALUATION: Grades will be assigned on:

20% assignment 1
20% assignment 2
15% assignment 3/ part 1- the district
20% assignment 3/ part 2- the neighborhood
15% assignment 3/ part 2- the parcel
10% participation and attendance


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